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Climateq Breather Membrane

Climateq Breather Membrane is a high vapour permeability on the entire surface enables discharge of water vapour and improves energy saving and insulation.

An underlay and sealing layer of roof covering in pitched roof construction laid on battens and counter battens

Unique honeycomb structure of the membrane provides durability and effective protection of thermal insulation against external influences

Each roll is shrink wrapped with a product sheet which contains full laying instructions

Durability and functionality of the membrane due to appropriate weight.

  • BBA & CE Certified Available
  • Roll Size: 50m x 1m
  • Weight: 100g/m2
  • UV resistance: 3 months
  • Temperature range: – 40*C/+ 120*C
  • Layers: 3
  • Resistance to water penetration: Class w1
  • Fire resistance: Class E
  • Tear resistance across: 220/120 N5cm
  • Nail Tear resistance: 100/135 N

PDF  Climateq Technical Data