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Cromar 1F Underslating Felt

Are you doing a restoration/new build project? Are you worried about potentially harming bats? Then our Cromar Bitumen 1F Felt could be your solution. This felt is darker and has a rougher surface which allows bats to have a better grip and maintain a safer environment within any structure.

This Cromar 1F Underslating Felt is primarily intended for use as an underslating felt on pitched roofing.

Storage and Handling:

Do not drag rolls across rough surfaces, you should lift them instead. Rolls must always be stood on their ends on a dry surface. If you’re using pallets do not stack more than two pallets high. Avoid mechanical damage and damp storage conditions.

Composition and Manufacture:

The base carrier consists of paper fibre formed into a material core of 150gm/m².  The carrier material is saturated then coated both sides in continuous operation using liquid penetration and oxidised bitumens. Prior to its final coating a hessian backing is introduced which adheres to the back of the sheets. This therefore provides extra strength. The coated material is finished with fine sand on both sides.

PDF Data Sheet