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Midland Lead Flashing Restoration Set

Our Lead Flashing Restoration Set are a great combination of Patination Oil & Cleaning Gel. Together we have put the perfect set for any lead restoration projects.


Cleaning Gel – 125ml Bottle will cover approx 0.4 Sq Mtrs.

If lead is properly treated, it will retain its good looks for decades.  Meaning that at some point in the life of your lead installation you will need Lead Cleaning Gel.  If your lead is not properly treated, it can accumulate dirt and stains. Therefore, meaning it can quickly start to look old and tired.

As with any material, the appearance of lead roofs will fade within time, so Midland Lead’s lead cleaner/restorer is used to clean and restore the finish of lead Flashing.  Fortunately, our gel can improve the look of lead quickly, removing dirt, grime and stains easily.


Patination Oil – 500ml will cover approx 27 Sq Mtrs.

This has been specially formulated to provide a protective coating for newly installed leadwork.

Lead Patination Oil helps prevent the white carbonate staining that affects new lead and surrounding tiles, brickwork and stonework.

Just one coat of Patination Oil also helps to provide a uniform and attractive appearance to newly installed lead. This helps the ageing process whilst the natural patina of the lead is being formed.  It is particularly important to treat areas of newly installed lead that are subject to water flowing over the surface.  The surrounding areas as staining of tile and brick will be more severe in such circumstances.

PDF Lead Flashing Restoration Set