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Lead Flashing

Lead Flashing is malleable but durable Product. (And it typically lasts over 100 years.) Lead is an environmentally friendly product too. It is 100% recyclable and has a significantly smaller impact on global warming than the production of synthetic materials, not to mention it is also cost-effective, practical and stylish, easy to use and comes in a range of sheet thickness codes to suit your project’s needs.

Lead sheet has been popular for hundreds of years because it is such a practical and stylish solution. That isn’t about to change. Architects and designers prize lead for its elegant looks. Even non-lead alternatives are frequently made to resemble lead.

When pre-treated with patination oil, lead will retain its looks over decades – even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Lead is incredibly easy to use. It works alongside other building products, it is non-corrosive and flexible. Lead sheet doesn’t lift in high winds and it can withstand – and can be fitted in – any sort of weather.

Lead sheet works out cheaper every time, because it is a long-term solution.

In order to prevent staining, we recommend the use of Patination Oil on all of our lead products.
We advise the use of Hall clips to secure the lead when using for flashing’s, along with Lead sealant to provide a waterproof seal between the lead and brickwork.


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