5U Eaves Protector Strip

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5U Eaves Protector Strip 330mm

5U Eaves Protector Strip is a polyester reinforced bituminous eaves protection sheet designed to be dressed into the gutter prior to the installation of the pitched roof underlay, which must not be draped into the gutter.

Eaves Protector is an alternative to a PVC rigid eaves protection, the eaves protector strip is a high quality bitumen based eaves support strip that also prevents roof underlay drape into the gutter. it prevents water ponding behind fascia’s and rotting of roof underlay in guttering thus reducing maintenance at eaves level.

  • Easy to fit
  • 16m continuous eave protection
  • Flexible bitumen build up
  • 330mm wide

Length  – 16m

   Cromar 5U Eaves Protector

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