Batten Slate Hooks 80mm

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Batten Slate Hooks 80mm


Batten slate hooks 80mm attach to the batten by a hook that wraps around the batten. Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel coated in black. Slate hooks are an alternative to the copper nail and can be used for fixing roofing slates on the roof.


The length of slate hooks required equals head lap + 2-3mm.


These Slate Hooks are the best quality 316 grade which is the only standard recommended by the National federation of Roofing Contractors.

The coating is purely decorative and does not influence the resistance to corrosion of the material.

The coating will usually last ten years or more, except in very abrasive conditions (salted winds for instance).

Hooks are often used when making small repairs or replacing individual slates on the roof.


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