Bond It Roof Mate Roof & Gutter Sealant

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Bond It Roof Mate Roof & Gutter Sealant


Bond It Roof Mate Roof & Gutter Sealant is a polymerically reinforced lap jointing sealant and adhesive used to prevent leaks in gutters and downpipes. Forms a flexible seal.

Suitable for repairing and maintaining general roofing, roof drainage systems and crack down pipes, etc. It is ideal for use on metal, construction grade plastics, paint, stone, timber, brick, bitumens and asphalt.

It forms a flexible seal capable of accommodating 5% movement. Remains flexible for up to 15 years.

It is ideal for use on:

  • Metal
  • Construction Grade Plastics
  • Paint
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Bitumens

Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease or any contaminants that may hinder adhesion. Loose materials and signs of corrosion must be removed prior to application.

Apply using a standard sealant gun. Cut tip from cartridge, be careful not to damage the screw thread. Cut the nozzle at an angle of 45° and fix to cartridge. Using a caulking gun force the sealant into the joint.
When a deep joint is being sealed a backing tape should be used. After application any high spots of material should
be feathered smooth to prevent water build up.

For emergency repairs in wet conditions Bond It RAIN­MATE should be used.

ROOF & GUTTER MATE maintains a permanently putty­ like consistency. It is not suitable for applications where surface contact is likely.


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