ClassicBond EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane

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Thickness – 1.2mm

ClassicBond EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane

ClassicBond EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane is the original EPDM roofing system with a proven track record of over 50 years service life.  It is recognised as one of the most reliable, durable and sustainable materials for your flat roof.

The rubber roof EPDM membrane is sold by the running metre cut from large sheets starting at 3.05m in width and increasing in 0.5m increments up to 12 metres in length.

That means no joins are required as long as the roof does not exceed these measurements.

  • Please allow for 200 mm on all edges.

    (The Membrane size is the same as per ordered size. Therefore your roof size will need to be smaller to allow for edge overlaps. e.g. 6m x 3m Membrane sheet will fit a roof that is no larger than 5.7m x 2.7m.)

  • It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure correct measurement at time of order.

    (We will not be held responsible for errors in size when ordering and not accept refunds or returns)

The membrane has excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, UV and ageing, and can be installed without the use of heat or flames.

The one piece EPDM sheet means there are no joints and potential leaks, and the membrane is highly resistant to punctures, tears, splits and cracks.

The membranes meet lightweight requirements, and no specialist equipment is required for installation. The ClassicBond EPDM Membrane is suitable for installation over a variety of decks.


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