ClassicBond Plastisol Metal Wall Trim

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ClassicBond Plastisol Metal Wall Trim (25mm x100mm x 3m)

The ClassicBond Plastisol Metal Wall Trim has been designed to be used in conjunction with ClassicBond EPDM roofing installations. It is supplied painted black and constructed from steel. This ensures a neat and seamless finished where the flat roof meets the wall. Furthermore, it provides excellent durability and stability ensuring a long and reliable service life.

As well as a 100mm face, the ClassicBond EPDM Wall Trims also include a 25mm return to the wall. They have been cleverly designed to be fixed to the wall using PVC fasteners. This makes them incredibly easy to install, no matter what your level of experience might be. we can supply these trims in lengths of 3m, and these can be installed straight out of the box – no mess, no fuss.

   Plastisol Metal Wall Trim

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