Remix Roof Tile Bedding Mortar

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Remix Roof Tile Bedding Mortar

Remix Roof Tile Bedding Mortar is available as both a natural material and also in a wide range of colours. This is specifically designed for bedding clay and concrete roof tiles.

The mix is a kiln dried, pre blended, factory produced 1:3 cement:sand mortar complying with the requirements of BS EN 998-2.

Mixing Instructions
To overcome any potential segregation that has occurred during transit, thoroughly mix the maxi bag contents before use.
The contents of the bag can be mechanically mixed in a free fall mixer for 3-4 minutes or hand mixed by pouring contents onto a clean, flat surface and slowly adding clean water in increments and mixing continuously until the desired workability is achieved.
For optimum results approximately 2.0 litres of clean water should be used per bag. Also, mortar should be used within 60 minutes of water addition.
Refrain from excessive water addition as this will weaken the mix, delay setting times and adversely affect durability.
There is no need to add further additives or admixtures to the material on site as all required plasticizers/workability aids are already incorporated into the mix.

Each maxi bag of Remix Roof Tile Bedding Mortar will yield approximately 12 litres of fresh mortar when mixed. This is when it is mixed with approximately 2.0 litres of clean water.

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