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Wabis Dry Ridge System

Wabis Dry Ridge System is a universal fixing system of ridge tiles is easy to install and secure. It has dedicated quality components to meet high standards.

The solution contains following elements:

  • 6  meters x 310 mm ventilated Ridge Climateq roll
  • 10 x batten support brackets
  • 13 x metal clamping plates
  • 13 x 100 mm fixing screws and water-stripping washers
  • 13 x ridge unions

Above specification in accordance with 450mm ridge tiles, for 300mm ridge tiles available spare unions and fixings.

FIX PACK can be used with both half round and angled ridges.

It is suitable for new and refurbished roofs  (15 to 45 degrees) and eliminates the need for mortar.

  • Secures the ridge of the roof, preventing wind uplift problems.
  • Provides the ridge resistance to water and appropriate ventilation into the roof space.
  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions and UV radiation.
  • Two strips of adhesive butyl allow easy installation.
  • To secure or to fix use galvanized or stainless steel nails / staples.
  • Recommended temperature of fixing – above 5 °C.
  • Recommended temperature of storing – not exceeding 35 °C.
  • When using adhesive strips, the surface of the tile/slate should be clean, dry and free of dust and grease.


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