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WonderRidge Dry Ridge Kit – 6m

WonderRidge Dry Ridge Kit – 6m

WonderRidge Dry Ridge Kit is a mortar free system to mechanically fix the ridge tiles according to BS8612. It is easy to install under most weather conditions and the kit offers enough components for a typical ridge of up to 6M. This kit provides high level ventilation, is watertight and has a wind uplift to suit most UK properties.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 x 6m ventilated ridge roll
  • 10 x Ridge brackets
  • 20 x Ridge union seals
  • 20 x 100mm fixing screws and washers


  • Suitable for concrete, clay and angled ridges
  • Easy application in any weather conditions
  • Each box provides all the necessary components required for a 6m ridge


  • Easy and quick installation, no special tools required
  • Lightweight, safe and easy to handle (box weight 3kg)
  • UV stable
  • Water resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Complies with BS8612 for mechanical fixing

PDF Dry Ridge Kit – 6m